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Handmade in Singapore

All Prints products are designed and manufactured at our own bookbindery in Singapore. The international design team led by Swedish designer Mr Vikman, releases several new designs each year to Prints shops around the world. Occasionally, Prints produces limited edition designs and patterns, both for customised orders and to our shops. Some of Prints’ original designs have been so popular that we have kept them till this day, while others have been brought back by popular demand. The rest have become “collectibles” by our most devoted fans.

A strong production team of creative professionals handcraft all Prints products with high quality raw materials. In this day and age where machine-made products are rapidly replacing handmade products, Prints is proud to have a talented workforce with multitude of skills that uses proprietary techniques and stringent quality controls to ensure the highest quality standards of Prints products are met. Old traditions and professions are nurtured and developed, filling our handmade products with love.